GRS Micro Block Ø80mm (1.8Kg)

GRS® MicroBlock Work holding Vice
The GRS MicroBlock is the smallest work holding vice that provides a compact, reliable surface on which to work on and is compatible to be used under a microscope, delivering outstanding quality every time.
It is ideal for smaller jobs such as general jewellery work, stone setting and small engraving, yet still offers the ability to manoeuvre freely under a microscope if required.
  • 1.8Kg (4lb), high quality engraving block machined from solid stainless steel (crown and base)
  • Self centring jaws for reliable positioning
  • Double-ball bearing system provides smooth, high-quality rotation
  • Internal rotational brake system allows customizable resistance from free to locked
  • Provides full range of tilt
  • Supplied with jaw plates, pins, wrenches, screws and thermo loc sample
  • Can be used under a microscope
  • Can also be bought with an additional, full 34 piece attachment kit
  • GRS 003.683 & GRS 003.684 (without and with attachment kit)
  • See video link above
  • See PDF above
  • Made in USA
    Additional attachment kit contains:
  • 8 x Small round pins
  • 4 x Flat square pins
  • 2 x Rectangular pins with inset curves
  • 4 x Large round pins with inset curves
  • 8 x Round rubber coated pins
  • 2 x Ring clamp pins, leather faced
  • 2 x Additional pin plates (13 holes each side)
  • 4 x 76mm Thermo-Loc sticks
  • Diameter: Ø80mm
  • Maximum jaw opening: 50mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
GRS are a global brand and market leader in the development of tools for jewellery makers, engravers and allied industries: specialising in the manufacture of precision hand engraving and setting tools as well as related equipment for industrial and business users.
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