Accutron 214 Cell

This is the NEW power cell specifically designed for the 214 Accutron watches to replace the 387-mercury cell.

It has proved itself to be the best alternative to the mercury cell over the past 26 years. It has a voltage controlling circuit that outputs the correct voltage to run these movements. It is powered by a silver oxide cell which is clean and friendly to the environment, not like that of the original mercury cell. Each ACCUCELL-1 comes with full instructions for installing correctly.

It can be used to replace the cells in the 218, 219 & 2310 but you need to check the battery strap contact points and adjust if needed.

  • Use only in watches that require 1.35 volts
  • Install positive side down
  • The Accucell-1 contains very delicate components that can be damaged by handling or dropping
  • Only handle from side of the Accucell-1
  • Relaces cells 343 & 387
  • Made in the USA

The Accucell-1 has been specifically manufactured for your Tuning Fork Watch to perform within factory specifications with the safety and longevity of the silver oxide cell.
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