Waxes (Including Injection Waxes) For Manufacturing

Waxes (Including Injection Waxes) For Manufacturing

Cousins offers a large range of Ferris Carving Waxes and our own range of wax carving tools and equipment, from the beginning to the finishing stage. Make a master model with ease and accuracy. Carving with wax is fun and easy to manufacture models speedily. Making a model can be time consuming particular if you are mass producing. Once you have finished the Ferris Wax model contact a casting company who will manufacture multiples quickly and cost effectively.

To find casting companies look in your directory for jewellery casting. In Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter (UK) there are over ten companies who offer this service. Casting is available in gold, silver, platinum, brass, copper, etc.

About Ferris Waxes:
The jewellery industry was one of the first truly global industries. Countless different languages are spoken by the men and women who painstakingly design and manufacture fine jewellery on all continents. Yet among all those diverse languages and cultures, there is one name universally recognized for the highest quality waxes, outstanding performance, cutting edge product development and unmatched selection.

"That Name is Ferris"

Ferris jewellery waxes have grown to become the true worldwide industry standard. Untold millions of pounds worth of fine jewellery is produced every year using high quality Ferris jewellery design and production waxes.

Ferris waxes…we’re proud to offer you the best.

Today we serve a diversity of markets. From jewellery design and manufacturing, precision investment casting and dental, to automotive and aerospace waxes and a multitude of others. Ferris waxes are respected and preferred by users worldwide.
Competitors around the world have devoted years to making copies of Ferris waxes and to this day, no one has yet come close to producing waxes that offer the quality, batch-to-batch consistency, purity and outstanding performance that Ferris waxes offer.
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