Press & Dies, Horotec

Press & Dies, Horotec

Dies all interchangeable & compatible with
  • Bergeon Swiss
  • Horotec Swiss
  • Swiss Style

Screw on die sets:
  • Assorted dies, extra large (Horotec 07.107): D44220
  • Bezel dies (Horotec 06.521): D44150
  • Bezel dies, extra large (Horotec 06.525): D44187
  • Case back dies (Horotec 07.106): D44206
  • Case back dies, extra large (Horotec 07.108): D45412
  • Case back dies, pyramidal (Horotec 06.511A): D44262
  • Case back dies, pyramidal (Horotec 06.511B): D44261
  • Case back dies, rectangular (Horotec 06.530): D44254
  • Glass, domed, extra deep dies (Horotec 06.526): D44193
  • Glass, flat mineral dies (Horotec 06.520): D44143
  • Glass, flat mineral dies, extra large (Horotec 06.524): D44182
  • Glass, flat mineral with date bubble dies (Horotec 06.520A): D45556
  • Glass with tension ring, dies (Horotec 06.522): D44161
  • Glass with tension ring, dies, extra large (Horotec 06.523): D44176
  • Universal lower die (Horotec 07.106U): D45557

Push fit die sets:
  • Bezel dies (Horotec 06.505): D44263
  • Case back dies, pack*6, reduced set (Horotec 07.111): D44232
  • Case back dies, pack*6, extra large (Horotec 07.113): D45570
  • Case back dies, pack*13 (Horotec 07.116): D44233
  • Glass, flat mineral dies, pack*6 (Horotec 07.112): D44322
  • Glass, flat mineral dies, pack*10 (Horotec 06.510): D44221
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