Plating Machines

Plating Machines

We have a comprehensive range of plating machines available and a wide choice of precious metal plating salts/solutions. It is quick and easy to set all the machines up and plate items yourself, full instructions are available in our PDFs.

Plating processes:
  • Pen plating puts on ¼ micron
  • Flash plating (regular standard plating) puts on ¼ micron
  • Hard plating is anything above ¼ micron.

Plating machine information and tips:
  • For use on gold, silver, copper and brass
  • The most traditional type of plating methods for jewellers for many generations
  • The term gilding covers a number decorative techniques for applying precious metals on solid surfaces. This is why plating machines are also known as gilding units.
  • Flash plating (regular standard plating) as a process puts on a ¼ micron of precious metal. It must be remembered that once initial plating has been carried out, you can’t keep “adding” plate on top.
  • Its most important to mix all your plating salts/solution at once as all the ingredients must be used. This allows optimum performance on your plating quality and quantity.
  • Place and operate your machine in a clean, dust free environment particularly away from polishing dust. This can cause problems as solutions can get contaminated causing their colour to come out dull.
  • Do not handle the items to be plated with your bare fingers before plating as this can leave a deposit of grease on the item causing the plating process to not be completed to its fullest potential.
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