Plastic Tweezers & Component Probes

Plastic Tweezers & Component Probes

We stock a diverse selection of plastic tweezers in various types and qualities.

Plastic tweezers can be used for the following:

  • When changing a watch battery it is essential to use plastic tweezers, using an alternative may damage the watch battery and/or movement due to the contamination of dirt, grease or even magnetizing the watch will cause the movement to malfunction.
  • Eliminates the risk of damaging any components when picking (safety pickle only) and handling, repairing or manufacturing.
  • Use to place in and remove your items from Acid Pickling solution (P5231). (We only recommend our references T1797 and T1798). Also supplied long copper tweezers for larger items which also encompass a longer reach.
  • The plastic compound probe is very useful to move, place and press watch parts whilst repairing watches; hence preventing the watch movement being marked or magnetized.
  • Also popular for removing watch parts from chemicals for watch and clock cleaning, such as Horological Essence (Code F2811).
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