Form – Bend - Flatten!

Our range of hammers and Mallets are made in all parts of the world. Our hammers encompass the highest quality, have finely balanced heads for simple and precise swinging as well as smoothly curved handles for an ergonomic grip.

  • High grade heads for superior durability, high strength and long lasting working life.
  • For working jewellers, silversmiths, model makers, arts/crafts, metal smiths, watch/clock makers and Repairers.

Which hammer do I need?

The hammers shown on this page are designed for a specific purpose or application. Here are some descriptions of the different types of hammers and their uses:
  • Riveting- comprised of one round and one chisel face. Used for forming metal and for creating a rivet.
  • Ballpien – a commonly used hammer for shaping and flattening metal and for removing dents; with one round face and one half round domed face.
  • Embossing- also known as repoussé, its two high domed round faces, this hammer works the metal from the back to form three-dimensional shapes.
  • Forming- used to move heavy-gauge metal while retaining much of the weight of the original metal. Substantial weight with a slightly rounded face
  • Planishing - used for hardening metal and for smoothing the surface of gold, silver, brass, stainless steel and other metals.
  • Chasing - a multipurpose hammer for chasing, chiselling, riveting or peening.
  • Stretching - Used for expanding metals surface area
  • Polishing – To creating indents in your metal with a hammered texture and smooth, shiny finish

Some hammer terms explained:
  • Riveting – hammering a metal rod in a hole to create a head and fasten something.
  • Repoussé/Embossing – the shaping of metal in relief by hammering on the reverse side.
  • Chasing – the process of hammering metal to form a recessed shape
  • Planishing - the process of hammering metal with a polished hammer to obtain an even surface
  • Chiselling - by creasing metal over holes and grooves, an alternative riveting technique.
  • Peening - is the process of hammering on a metal surface to strengthen the material properties of metal by hammering blows.

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