Case Knives, Levers & Scoops

Case Knives, Levers & Scoops

Opening a watch case is a fundamental skill that anyone dealing in watches, be it repairs and services or simple battery changes, needs to have. However, by not using the right tools and techniques, it is easy to damage a watch case, which would obviously make your customers’ very unhappy.

Opening your watch case can be easy, all you need is a watch case opener and case holder. Here is our large selection and variety of press fit, snap on watch case back type openers. You will surely be able to find one to suit you and your methods of working.

How to use:
1. Turn the watch case over in your hands so the glass is facing down, or if appropriate depending on the watch style, place in a case holder.
2. Find the slot or opening groove around the edge of case back for the placement of the case opener. (Run the edge of a fingernail around the full circumference of the case back to feel for the grooves as they may not be easily seen).
3. Place the blade of the case opener into the slot or groove that you have located on the watch back.
4. Pry up on the case back with the blade of the case opener until the back pops off.
5. Do not use excessive force either when lifting the case back off or pressing it back on, this may cause damage to the case or even the movement inside
6. Make sure the seal (gasket) is in good condition (if it has one) before you replace the case back. This will better protect your watch against water intrusion than trying to press it back on as tightly as you can get it.

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