Case Backs (by Brand)

Case Backs (by Brand)

Watch Case Back Removing:

More and more watches these days come with a screw on case back. These feature small depressions spaced around the edge of the case back, designed to provide a gripping point for the use of a wrench case opener. Knowing how to use one of these screw type case openers properly will prevent you from damaging the watch.

How to use:

1. Place the wrist watch face down in a protective watch holder.
2. Having picked the correct shaped tool bits (by matching them to the indentations on the case) or die for the case you are about to work on, insert them firmly into the screwback tool.
3. Adjust the width of the bits on the tool to match the size of the screw down case back on the watch.
4. Matching up the tool bits and the indentations on the case back, apply firm downward pressure, hold the watch or watch holder and turn the wrench to loosen the back. If using a benchtop tool the same princple applies.

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