Abrasives: Cones, Discs, Mops & Wheels

Abrasives: Cones, Discs, Mops & Wheels

Quick guide to polishing


IMPORTANT: The list below describes general polishing processes that are proved to work, there are other compound and mop combinations that work just as well. There are many factors involved regarding polishing some are listed below:

  • Condition of the metal with determines where you start.
  • Ideal speeds from 500 to 7000 rpm for your polishing motor
  • Quality of the metal. This can vary depending on the quality of the cast or the condition of the second hand items you have obtained.
  • Abrasives, get a good even surface with no deep scratches to ensure a deep mirror finish.
  • Before you polish remove marks from the previous finish e.g. surface scratches / imperfections.
  • Change direction where possible a few degrees in your polishing procedure.
  • Try not to overload your mop with the compound you are using. You will place smear on your surface.
  • Safety measures are important, use protective glasses, dust masks, finger protectors and aprons. With polishing you will always create dust in the atmosphere you are working in.
  • Polishing is a process where you are removing a surface. Look at polishing motors with dust extractors and choose the size that handles your work load.
  • If the mop becomes congested or filthy after use then use a mop dresser rake to bring new life into the mop. Never wash down mops in water or any other chemical.
  • Always use one compound per grade of mop. Do not mix your compounds on your mop. If you do by accident use a Mop/Buff Dressing Rake
  • Try not to do your polishing jobs if you feel tried and never remove any safety guards on your polishing units.
  • Do not polish if you are wearing lose clothing for instance ties and long sleeved shirts etc.
  • Good lighting is essential while you are polishing and after to inspect your work. See our range of lamps.
  • Always ware protective Heath and Safety items.

Popular protective and safety accessories stocked:
  • Denim Apron (A31282)
  • Fingers protectors (P20862)
  • Dust Masks (M6258)
  • Eye protection goggles (G6257)
  • Finger tape (F0667)

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